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  1. UAC Module (Complete module)
  2. Social Learning Wiki (Create/Setup/Config/Link/Content)
  3. Social Learning Forum (Create/Setup/Config/Link/Content)
  4. Microsoft Team Foundation (Create/Setup/Link/Content)
  5. Digital Terms and Conditions for Website

UAC Team To Do List


Updated on 2 November 2012
  • Implementation.
  • Help the WEB Team.


Updated on 2 November 2012
  • Implementation.
  • Help the WEB Team.


Updated on 2 November 2012
  • Implementation.
  • Help the WEB Team.


Updated on 2 November 2012
  • Implementation.
  • Help the WEB Team.


  • 2012/10/31 08:00PM: Integrate with WCF. (Emil, Franche & Robert) // Delayed
  • 2012/10/31 10:00PM: Integrate with Web Development Team. (Emil, Franche & Dewald) // Delayed
  • 2012/10/31 08:00PM: Integrate with Mobile Development Team. (Francois, Lian & Christo) // Delayed
  • 2012/10/31 08:00PM: Connect with database. (Emil, Franche & Jean) // Delayed


  • Successfully completed UAC Module.
  • Successful implementation of the Engine_Class and testing.
  • Created a successful Engine_Class.
  • Created an extra class for import & export of data from files.
  • WEB ASP we joined with the team to assist them with problems they are having with their module and help out where we can.
  • Successfully implemented DAL module.
  • DAL Module, helped them with creating the tables for group management class.
*Successfully completed the Wiki & Forum.
  • Confirm working and connected Modules of the WIKI and Forum
  • Populate Wiki with data.
  • Test connections between server, website and the wiki/forum (SUCCESSFUL)
  • Upload Wiki and Forum to online server.
  • Create necessary Roles and privileges for the WIKI
  • Create necessary Roles and privileges for the Forum
  • Fix node issues.
  • Complete UAC Explorer.
  • Test UAC Explorer and add exceptions where needed.
  • 2012/10/29 08:00AM: Show and tell with clients. (UAC Team)
  • Integrate the Wiki and Forum with each other (Link based)
  • UACAccount and UACAuthentication methods (IsRegistered & ResetPassword) resolve duplicate entries and add logic to correct class. Deadline: 2012/10/28 4:00PM
  • Complete UACUserManagement class. (Empty methods) Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM_
  • Complete UACEducationalBackground. Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM_
  • Complete UACInstitutionalBackground. Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM_
  • Method: Update user (USE: All fields). Deadline: 2012/10/28 4:00PM
  • Add logic to New, Update & Delete User . Deadline: 2012/10/28 4:00PM
  • Test New, Update & Delete User. Deadline: 2012/10/28 4:00PM
  • View users in explorer. Deadline: 2012/10/28 4:00PM
  • New, Update & Delete User GUI (Break into smaller group for each section making use of GroupBox Tool etc: Basic Details, Advanced Details, Account Details... ). Find out from Francois what groupboxes he needs. Deadline: 2012/10/28 4:00PM
  • Test all modules. Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM
  • The setup of the Forum and WIKI was successful and Completed
  • Update GUI for Wiki & Forum. Deadline: 2012/10/28 4:00PM
  • View Groups in Explorer.
  • View Flags in Explorer.
  • Setup and Configuration for both the Wiki & Forum have been Completed
  • New Module : Wiki Website
  • New Module : Forum Website
  • We have been requested to Setup and Configure Additional components.
  • Method: Delete user (USE: user name & email address). Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM
  • New, Update & Delete Group GUI (Add cancel button with code). Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM
  • Add logic to New, Update & Delete Group. Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM
  • Test New, Update & Delete Group. Deadline: 2012/10/28 1:00PM
  • Create Role GUI. Deadline: 2012/10/22 1:00PM
  • Add logic to roles. Deadline: 2012/10/22 1:00PM
  • Test roles. Deadline: 2012/10/22 1:00PM)
  • View user account details.
  • Method that returns a list (IList<>) of users(Example: John Doe).
  • View user basic details.
  • View advance details.
  • Register(Create) user. (Francois)
  • Validate login.
  • Create groups in the explorer.
  • Add users to a group in the explorer.
  • MD5 create and validate.
  • Mobile implimentation.
  • Post enums, register&login method and login class on dropbox.
  • Complete the Interfaces.

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